Cacao 70 factory – Canada

(FR) Spécial Canada: Cacao 70 Factory. Cacao 70 a commencé comme “bar à chocolat à boire” à Montréal. C’est petit à petit devenu une chaine commerciale qui a aujourd’hui plus de 20 espaces gourmands, comptoirs sucrés et atelier dip (pour les glaces) au travers du Canada.

Anna Specialty Coffee

(EN) Hunt for good chocolate – stop in Leuven, Belgium! Yesterday I went for the 1st time to Anna Specialty Coffee. A lovely café where you can sit on a chair or in a sofa in the back, sip your specialty coffee, eat a scone and enjoy the calm.

Mike & Becky

(EN) Mike & Becky. So far as I know, the only place in Brussels where you can savour a homemade hot or cold chocolate from Belize, Congo, Dominican Republic, Peru or India, eat a scrumptious homemade brownie while smelling the beans being conched in the same room. Or daydream in front of all the bars…