QANTU chocolat, Bagua 70%

(En) QANTU, Bagua 70% I met Elfi in November 2018. We met in a cosy tearoom in Montreal and we discussed how she and Maxime, her Canadian husband, got into chocolate. Elfi is from Peru, home to delicious cacao varieties. But it wasn’t cacao she was thinking of first.

Palette de Bine, Haiti 70%

(FR) Une bûche pour une bûche (en chocolat): Palette de Bine Haiti 70% Vu le froid qu’il fait, c’est le moment pour ressortir les chocolats canadiens!

Finding your way in the world of good chocolate

(EN) You are new to the world of fine, specialty chocolate? And you would like to discover it but don’t know where to start? I listed a short selection of bars for you. By no means exhaustive, of course. It is just to give you a direction. Then it’s your call to taste, try new…

Kad Kokoa Chiang Mai 70%

(EN) The bar: Kad kokoa Chiang Mai 70% Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Keywords: Dark; Smooth; Honey, Dried fruits, Acidity

Krak, Don Moisés Mexico 70%

(En) I have a bar which has a great story. Want to hear it? The bar: Krak Don Moisés 70% Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Keywords: Dark; Smooth; Bitter; Dairy, Fruity, Caramely ➡️ Those who like to discover a bar with character and a little bitterness

Ajala Rustic 70%

(EN) For this quick introduction to a bar, back to the Czech Republic for an old fashioned type of chocolate. I told you I would give you some news from another bar from the Czech maker Ajala.

Dick Taylor, Brown butter, Nibs & Salt 73%

(EN) Travel to the US with this blend with butter, nibs and salt. I warn you, it is reeeally good… Dick Taylor, Brown Butter, Nibs & Sea Salt with 73% Northerner blend Rating: ⭐⭐⭐(⭐) Keywords: Dark with inclusions; very Smooth; Salt, Chocolatey, Nutty 9.5€ for 57 gr ➡ If you fancy an incredibly smooth, salty,…

Legast, Costa Rica 70%

(FR) Envie de goûter une tablette belge? Je vous présente, si vous ne le connaissez pas encore, le travail de Thibaut Legast. Legast Chocolatier, Costa Rica Maleku 70% Rating: ⭐⭐⭐(⭐) Mots-clés: Noir; Doux; Fruité, Chocolaté, Caramel ➡ Pour ceux et celles qui aiment les chocolats fruités, avec peu d’amertume et pas trop sucrés

Ajala, Tanzania 70%

(EN) Czech Republic & Chocolate? Yes! The bar: Ajala, Tanzania 70% Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Keywords: Dark; a little grainy; Red & brown fruits, Chocolatey ➡ For lovers of dark, fruity, deeply chocolatey bars.