Where to find craft chocolate in Brussels?

“Where can I indulge my craving for craft, specialty chocolate bars in Brussels?” That is a question I get regularly. And for good reasons: it isn’t that easy to find places where you can buy your craft bars, be it from Belgian or other makers. This list is by no way exhaustive, but it can…

Visite chez Thibaut Legast Chocolatier

(EN) After a holiday break, here I am to relate my visit to Thibaut Legast chocolatier, overall winner of the 2018 European bean-to-bar competition for his dark Peru bar.

Ajala Rustic 70%

(EN) For this quick introduction to a bar, back to the Czech Republic for an old fashioned type of chocolate. I told you I would give you some news from another bar from the Czech maker Ajala.

Dick Taylor, Brown butter, Nibs & Salt 73%

(EN) Travel to the US with this blend with butter, nibs and salt. I warn you, it is reeeally good… Dick Taylor, Brown Butter, Nibs & Sea Salt with 73% Northerner blend Rating: ⭐⭐⭐(⭐) Keywords: Dark with inclusions; very Smooth; Salt, Chocolatey, Nutty 9.5€ for 57 gr ➡ If you fancy an incredibly smooth, salty,…

Why craft chocolate?!

(FR) Comme vous avez pu vous en rendre compte, dans ce blog je me focalise sur le chocolat « de la fève à la tablette » (bean-to-bar) ou « artisanal » (craft). Vous vous êtes peut-être demandé pourquoi. Parce que ces faiseurs de chocolat essayent de faire la révolution dans le monde du chocolat, pardi…