BOHO, Milk chocolate + Potato Chips

(EN) Today I share with you something totally regressive. You know, when you put a piece of food in your mouth and wellness is flowing, together with fond food memories & you cant help but smile. That kind of feeling.

Partez à la découverte du bon chocolat

Vous aimez le chocolat, mais vous ne connaissez pas trop toutes les marques qui existent? Vous aimeriez en découvrir davantage? Cette liste est faite pour vous! J’ai fait une sélection qui est loin d’être exhaustive, mais qui peut vous donner des pistes et vous donner envie de continuer la découverte par vous mêmes, selon ce…

Fruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate

Fruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate 43%. I had had this one on my bucket list for a while. Bought it in Boston, took it back to Belgium then to Montreal (go figure).

Menakao Milk & Vanilla 45%

(EN) Menakao Milk and Vanilla, 45%. One of my favourite milk bars to nibble on so far. Most of the time, I buy bars I haven’t tried yet. But this one, I can’t help buying it when it is available. And eating it almost in one go. 🌱 This is a tree-to-bar (informal concept used…