BOHO, Milk chocolate + Potato Chips

(EN) Today I share with you something totally regressive. You know, when you put a piece of food in your mouth and wellness is flowing, together with fond food memories & you cant help but smile. That kind of feeling.

Fruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate

Fruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate 43%. I had had this one on my bucket list for a while. Bought it in Boston, took it back to Belgium then to Montreal (go figure).

Menakao Milk & Vanilla 45%

(EN) Menakao Milk and Vanilla, 45%. One of my favourite milk bars to nibble on so far. Most of the time, I buy bars I haven’t tried yet. But this one, I can’t help buying it when it is available. And eating it almost in one go. 🌱 This is a tree-to-bar (informal concept used…